The Franklin County Democratic Party and the Committee exist to facilitate and encourage the full participation of all Virginians in choosing their elected officials and controlling their political destiny.

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​As those of you who were in attendance on July 7th know, we voted as a committee to support an effort to purchase a month long billboard campaign supporting our candidate, Taysha Devaughan for Congress in the 9th District. Some of you donated to that campaign that evening and we all voted to make a substantial donation as a committee as well. In order to do that, we will need your help.
Dues paid to the local committee, which are voluntary and suggested at $15 annually, are used almost exclusively to pay state Democratic Party dues, which allow us to access critical data concerning voters in the county and to use their resources for other Get Out The Vote functions, as well as keeping the lights on at our office. In order for us to make contributions to other endeavors, such as paying for yard signs or highway signs, we must ask for your donations. And you have come through for us in the past. I know many of you stepped up to purchase signs last year and we thank you very much.
Fortunately, a member of our committee contacted me the night of the Potluck with a generous offer! They will match the first $500 in contributions which are designated for the purchase of the billboard! That means that every dollar you donate generates two dollars toward our goal.
If you wish to send a check, please designate in the memo line "Billboard" and send to Franklin County Democratic Committee, P.O. Box 153, Rocky Mount Virginia, 24151. If you prefer, you may use ACT Blue to donate by clicking the link below.. If you use that method, please send a follow up email to designating that donation as being for the billboard campaign.

We have a dynamic candidate in Taysha and Morgan Griffith continues to work against the interests of his constituents, particularly veterans and votes to deny personal freedoms which derive from the constitutional right to privacy.

Let's work together for!

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