The Franklin County Democratic Party and the Committee exist to facilitate and encourage the full participation of all Virginians in choosing their elected officials and controlling their political destiny.

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Rocky Mount 24151

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Welcome, my Democratic friends, to what will be a very busy 2023!
Our first Dining With Democrats get together is scheduled for 6 pm, Thursday, January 12th, at the Rocky Mount Burger Company, 467 Franklin Street in Rocky Mount. We will preview our plans for the coming year and discuss current events, including some of the great achievements of the Biden administration during this past year. There is lots to celebrate and much work ahead, so let's get together and
start planning!
Join us and bring a friend. Dining With Democrats, Thursday January 12th at 6 pm in the Rocky Mount Burger Company across the street from the Harvester in Rocky Mount. (There is ample parking at the available at the Farmers Market, if needed.) ​